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to demonstrate your share in the total CO2e footprint of a product or service


Carbon Added Accounting is an easy-to-implement method that allows you, as a company, to demonstrate your share in the total CO2e footprint of the supply chain of a product or service. This is a similar way to charging VAT. The guidelines below give you the tools to apply the method uniformly. In addition, they give you insights into work processes and calculation examples for specific supply chains.

General guidelines of Carbon Added Accounting


Data quality

Carbon origin

Guidelines per supply chain link

Agricultural companies

Production companies

Logistics companies

Trading companies

Detailed calculation guidelines

Fixed assets

Together with entrepreneurs, governments and research institutions, Topsector Logistiek is working on the ambition for 2050: competitive and emission-free logistics in the Netherlands. Topsector Logistiek has drawn up an implementation programme to achieve this ambition. Carbon Added Accounting is one of the components therein.


Topsector Logistiek is looking for partners who want to charge on the CO2e footprint of their business processes or chain. Are you interested as a company, customs office or accountant? We help you implement Carbon Added Accounting and analyse the data. This way we can fine-tune the method, whilst you optimize your business processes.


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